Are you ready for (more) Dutch?

LeisureReps is the best choice if you want to establish, maintain and grow your position in the lucrative Dutch leisure travel and hospitality market. Avoid unnecessary costs of travel, office and staff until you are convinced that your travel offerings meet the criteria for sustainable success. Let LeisureReps become part of your team and partner for growth with your business in The Netherlands.

With a population of over 17 million, a holiday participation rate higher than 80%, and an average of more than two leisure trips per year per person, the Dutch market offers a very attractive proposition. The Dutch spend a significant part of their budget on holidays both for bookings and locally. The Dutch are quite an interesting target group!

Due to the major and fast changes in the tourism industry, traditional business models face significant challenges mainly caused by rapid technological change. Continued success in this market requires a new approach to marketing communication and distribution.

LetLeisureReps be your preferred partner in delivering lasting business results on the Dutch tourism market in order to start or maximize your potential and to optimize and tailor your distribution channels effectively.

We understand the needs, characteristics and customs of the Dutch customer and B2B industry!

What we can do for you

There are numerous possibilities to benefit from access to the Dutch market through support from Dutch Travel Services. With our representation and our network you will be able to obtain an interesting position. One or more of the below mentioned activities are available through us:

  • access to various B2B sales channels including AMONDO Netherlands
  • adding flight capacity from Amsterdam via our department Yield & Capacity
  • call center support
  • agency agreements with Dutch travel agencies
  • guiding the entire launch phase
  • translations
  • developing a strategy appropriate to your company on the Dutch market
  • marketingplan and guidance
  • sales support
  • technical support (in cooperation with Pyton or other organizations)