A new travel concept on the Dutch market!

AMONDO is a network of part time independent travel consultants, called “Travel Networkers”. Based on their own travel experiences together with professional Service Center support, they are able to mediate and sell holidays to their own network.

The concept responds to the trend of booking vacations in another way than the traditional process and to network marketing through various social media channels.

Travel Networkers possess above all basic social skills, a large network and international travel experience. The factor of basic touristic knowledge will be assessed for acceptance but is of secondary importance. Travel Networkers primarily have to love sharing travel experiences. Based on this they like to recommend people of their network and help them book a holiday that suits their wishes.

The AMONDO headquarters provide the following services:

  • All tour operator contractual agreements
  • professional service center
  • Travel Networker website with a search & book engine
  • courses, workshops & webinars
  • marketing support
  • intranet with all kinds of information and support
  • social intranet for sharing experiences and advice of other Travel Networkers
  • administration (eg accounting, payments and handling of complaints)

AMONDO was introduced on the Dutch market in september 2015 and originally a German success formula with a proven track record of 11 years and over a 1.000 Travel Networkers.

AMONDO is market leader in Germany!