Our fith business unit is led by Renata Lit. She is the owner of ‘Tourist Industry Customer Care Services’ since 2014. Before starting TICCS, Renata already had a considerable distance in the travel industry. She studied tourism and has more than fifteen years of experience on various jobs in tourism.

Complaints have always been a common thread throughout her career. The experience she gained and the challenges it entails, were the reason to establish TICCS. With the services of TICCS you can count on honesty, openness and a critical and constructive approach. Add a touch of humor to that and we can ensure the perfect handling of customer care.

In 2015 TICCS and Dutch Travel Services merged for a more comprehensive range of services. Together with our other business units we can offer full support on all field and levels.

TICCS has got its own website. See www.ticcs.nl for more information.

Our services

Through TICCS we provide you with the following services:

  • multilingual call center in and outbound
  • customer care
  • handling of complaints in accordance with ANVR
  • sending of newsletters and offers
  • gathering reviews
  • travel agent visits and reports
  • chat with me application powered by the call center
  • after sales