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Pieter Melieste (Managing Partner)

Pieter is an experienced tour operating and marketing specialist. He has built his expertise in various jobs for large and small companies, including Thomas Cook and ID Riva Tours. He loves brainstorming and creating strategies with a pragmatic and result-driven approach. Pieter excels in coordinating campaigns to generate awareness and increase sales for clients.

Carla Boneschansker

Carla Boneschansker

As Carla’s whole career was in tourism she gained a lot of experience from all different parts in this business like customer service, contracting and sales. Carla likes to deal with new ideas and solve problems as a service which can only be achieved if you are surrounded with motivated people. Learning new skills is a way to create positive changes.

Julia Visser

Julia Visser (Manager Finance)

Julia is experienced and accurate in administrative tasks and hospitality. She is communicative very strong and intuitive, able to establish and sustain relationships with internal and external clients. She is driven to achieve exceptional results in complex projects and intensely competitive organisations.

Renata Lit-klein

Renata Lit (Manager TICCS)

Renata is an allrounder in the world of tourism. She has experience with managing tourist guides, purchasing accommodations and compiling brochures. But her heart goes out to customer care. Every single person has the right to a well-deserved and carefree vacation. Renata knows what the customer may and can expect.